I never thought I’d like, let alone, LOVE prewound bobbins.  Prewound bobbins are so convenient and are priced so low that I couldn’t resist giving them a try.  I love these ready to go bobbins!

Tired of spending time winding your own bobbins?
These prewound bobbins are for you!  You can purchase over 140 prewound bobbins for less than $35!  What a great deal!

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Easter will be here before you know it.  You still have time to make one of these adorable Free Easter Quilts Patterns. [click to continue reading…]


Little girls love cat quilts.  Here’s 20+ cute free cat quilt patterns.  Enjoy! [click to continue reading…]


I live in a little tiny town, we have ONE grocery store. For the past few years there’s been rumors that this little grocery store is going to start charging money for plastic bags. I guess they figure if IKEA can charge for bags then why can’t they? This grocery store has had their store brand reusable grocery bags out for sale for a year or so but I decided I’d rather not use there bags so I made my own, actually I made a bunch of grocery bags. I made so many, I used them for Christmas wrap, instead of wrapping some gifts with wrapping paper, I stuck the gifts in a reusable grocery shopping bag. The gifts looked colorful in their custom gift bags and for the recipient, they got two gifts in one. PERFECT!

  • To my aunt who is a member of The Red Hat Society, we gave two bottles of wine in a reusable grocery sack made with Red Hat Ladies Fabric.
  • For my mom who has a passion for hot tea,  and her kitties, we gave her a bunch of different flavors of hot tea in a kitty fabric reusable grocery bag.
  • My MIL who considers herself a Wine Connoisseur, her gift was given in a reusable grocery sack made from wine fabric.
  • My SIL, who goes crazy over anything Western Themed, we put her gift in a reusable grocery bag made withWestern Fabric.

I also made up a few of these reusable grocery bags in Halloween fabrics and my kids used them for trick or treating on Halloween.  They loved the bags, they didn’t cut into their hands like most bags do.  After Halloween, I had to take them back and my kids put up a fight, they wanted to keep and use them for themselves.

As much as I love the grocery bags I made, I haven’t yet started using them at the grocery store.  One of these days, very soon I hope to start using them, if could only remember to take the grocery bags with me to the grocery store.

Free Reusable Grocery Bag Patterns:

  • This is the reusable grocery bag sewing pattern I used for all my bags.  The picture above is the first bag I made using this free pattern.  I adore this pattern, you’ll deconstruct an actually plastic grocery bag and use it as your template.  You can use any size plastic bag, so if you are wanting an extra large reusable grocery bag, then use an extra large plastic grocery bag as your pattern.  It takes me approximately one hour to construct one bag and requires 1/2 yard of fabric for the outside of the bag and 1/2 yard of fabric for the inside.  This is an extra strong bag.
  • Here’s a .pdf for a grocery bag.  This bag is stiffer and looks like it can stand up on it’s own.
  • Pillowcase grocery bag pattern.  This is a really cute easy to make bag.
  • Beautiful classy grocery bag pattern.
  • Another classy grocery bag pattern.
  • T-shirt into grocery bag tutorial.
  • Oil cloth shopping bag tutorial.
  • Here’s a big reusable grocery bag tutorial.
  • Here’s another reusable grocery bag, that’s modeled after the reusable grocery bags they try and sell you in stores.
  • Use up those old sheets for this great reusable grocery bag sewing pattern.
  • Cute basic tote style grocery bag pattern, you can find the PDF here.
  • Another cute tote / grocery  bag or lunch bag.
  • 13 ways to make free reusable grocery bags for FREE!  Cool ideas for making grocery bags out of stuff you already have on hand.
  • Reusable produce bag.
  • While this bag may not be exactly for grocery shopping, it’s super cute!  I think I’d make the strap longer and use it as a sling bag.
  • This last produce bag isn’t sewn, it’s a crocheted bag, but it’s super cute!

Please Note:  Links were in working condition at the time this article was writen.  I apologize in advance for any broken links.  Sometimes websites go down and patterns get removed.



I’m sorry to report I haven’t gotten much done with the denim rag quilt challenge I set for myself.  When I set up my challenge I was full of hope and thought I’d be able to complete the challenge with days to spare.  Then reality set in.  I’m lazy, easily distracted, and I seem to always procrastinate.

Jean Quilt | Denim Rag Quilt Progress:

I have cut the seams and zippers out of the jeans and they are now ready to be cut into squares and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in construction my jean quilt. I think I cut up about 20 or so pairs of jeans, I’m not really sure but I think it’s enough to complete at least one quilt. [click to continue reading…]


Two weeks ago my 11 year old red headed daughter and I thoroughly cleaned out her bedroom. We decluttered her bedroom and went through all her drawers and closet. I recently recommitted to FlyLady’s easy to follow, decluttering and cleaning program and have been on a decluttering mission.

I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t gone through my daughters closet and drawers in years! Being the youngest of my 3 daughters, she had a ton of clothes that didn’t fit, hand-me-downs from the other girls, her large closet was basically the place clothes went that didn’t fit anyone. We ended up donating four large garbage sacks of name brand clothing to our local Hospice thrift shop, sacking up another two sacks of clothes for my brother’s girls and adding about 20+ pairs of jeans to my jean pile in my sewing room.

My Quilting Challenge

So here’s my challenge to myself, since I seem to work better under pleasure knowing that others will know if I didn’t make my goal. In the next 10 days, I plan on creating at least one, [click to continue reading…]

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