My Favorite Patchwork Methods

When it comes to patchwork, you can do things the easy way or you can do things the hard way. My hands down ABSOLUTELY favorite patchwork book ever made is Traditional with a Twist by Blanche Young. This woman’s methods revolutionalized the quilting world. The book may be on the older side, but this book deserves a spot on every quilters’ bookshelf.

Sadly, Blanche Young passed away at 96 on January 2, 1916.  She was an amazingly spunky woman.

Blanche taught quilting for decades, including many times at the International Quilt Festival, and she was well known for being a ready volunteer to make raffle quilts for good causes. She made several very successful ones for IQA. Blanche was an early friend of Festival and a dear personal friend. The quilt world is a poorer place without Blanche Young.

Karey Bresenhan ~ Founder and Director Emeritus of the International Quilt Festival