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by Shelly

If you own your own long arm quilting machine or send you quilt tops out to get machine quilted on a long arm, there is no doubt long arm quilting is here to stay!  Long arm quilting machines make it possible for even the busiest people to take up the wonderful hobby of quilting.

Benefits of owning a long arm quilting machine

  • Fast quilting – with a long arm quilting machine you can literally quilt a king sized quilt in a day. Just think of all the unfinished quilt tops you have sitting around waiting for you to find the time to quilt them.  I know I personally have at least 20 quilt tops sitting around, some have been waiting to get quilted for over 10 years!  With a long arm quilting machine you can quilt a baby quilt in a few hours!  Think of all beautiful quilts you could finish if they could all be quilted in a day or so.
  • Even stitches – Many long arm quilting machines come with a stitch regulator.  If you are worried about your skills and uneven stitches the stitch regulator will make everything okay.  Your stitches will come out beautifully smooth and even.  Even stitches give a quilt a really professional look.
  • Extra income –  If you are looking into purchasing a long arm quilting machine but the cost is holding you back you could start your own part time quilting business that will more than pay for the quilting machine.  Working from the comfort of your own home in your spare time and with a something you love – quilts can be a dream come true!

If space is an issue they you may want to look into machine quilting your quilts with your own home sewing machine.  It’s easy but does take practice.  There are also quilting frames to hold your sewing machine so you can move it around freely while quilting.  Grace quilt frame is a great product and there are several other’s low cost quilt frame systems for your sewing machine.

If long arm quilting isn’t your thing, you can still get your quilts quilted fast by sending them out to be quilted.  Check out the great deals below on long arm quilting services!



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