Free Scrap Quilt Pattern

by Shelly

Here’s a very pretty scrappy quilt top that I made about a year ago.  It’s one of the quilt tops I really want to finish, its been sitting around way too long and is far too pretty not to be out on display or wrapped around one of my kids.

When I made this quilt top, I didn’t try and match up colors or fabric themes, I just pulled fabric out of my scrap drawer and whatever I pulled out got used.  I used pages from an old phone book for my foundation which I ripped out while watching tv. The quilt top went together very fast and was a bunch of fun piecing. I’m thrilled with the results and think this quilt top will only look prettier quilted.

If your scrap drawer is overflowing and you can’t bare to throw the scraps out then this is the perfect free scrap quilt pattern for you! All scraps that are at least 4 1/2″ wide can be used. Best of all there are NO rules, be brave and just use any old fabric that you happen to pull out of your drawer, even the “uglies” will make a gorgeous quilt top! Have fun!

If you’d like to make this quit you can find the free scrappy quilt pattern here. Now I have myself all revved up and wanting to make another one of these quilt tops! 😳

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Pat P. 09.28.11 at 7:16 am

WOW! What a great site! I just happened to find you today while I was surfing about and boy am I glad I did! Your scrappy quilt top is just what I was looking for,with a little luck one just like it will be snuggling with my nephew by his Feb. birthday.I’m fighting the urge to add to my immense scrap collection,but there is still time until the bids close.I’ll be popping in often,perhaps you and I can motivate each other-and many more to deal with our u.f.o. issues. Maybe if we do that we can treat ourselves to a little more goodies so we will never suffer from idle hands syndrome! Creativity is a terrible thing to waste.

Elizebeth Palmer 02.03.13 at 9:50 pm

Hey Shelly, Awesome quilts! I LOVE the scrap look myself and hae been quilting since 1996. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to dive into the uglies and make something beautiful!
Grace n Piece,

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