Free Rag Quilt Patterns

by Shelly

Rag quilts are easy enough for a beginner quilter and are a nice quick easy quilt for the more experienced quilter. You can throw together a Rag Quilt in a weekend. Rag quilts make great Christmas gifts.

I made a rag quilt a few years ago and it lives in my living room on the ottoman. My kids love snuggling up with the rag quilt on cold nights. The more the rag quilt is washed the more soft and cuddly it gets. I made my Rag Quilt out of flannel and used Warm and Natural batting. I’m saving up old jeans (again, I made a denim circle quilt out of old jeans) to make a denim rag quilt.

If you are in a rush to make a denim rag quilt and don’t have a bunch of old jeans laying around for the project, you could buy denim squares on ebay:  Here’s a few current listings:

Here’s how I made my quilt, I just winged it without a pattern and my rag quilt turned out beautiful. I cut out a bunch of 8″ squares of flannel fabric and a bunch of scant 7″ inch squares of Warm and Natural Batting. How many squares you need depends on how big you want your rag quilt to be.

I then made a “sandwich” – one flannel square right side down, Warm and Natural Batting (center it on the flannel) and then top it with another flannel square, right side up. Next I “quilted” the sandwich. I sewed an “X” on the block sandwich and repeated this process until I had all the sandwiches quilted.

The next step is to join the rag quilt sandwiches in rows and use a 1/2″ seam allowance. You’ll need the larger seam allowance – this becomes the raggedy edges. Take care to make sure all the exposed edges will be on the same side.

Next join the rows together until the rag quilt is the desired size. Now the magic happens. It’s time to cut into the seam allowance. Make sure you don’t cut through the seam and try and space the cuts our every 1/4 to 1/2 inch or so, consistency will pay off. I found this part of making the rag quilt a little tedious and to tell the truth all the cutting hurt my hand and ruined my scissors but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Once all the seam allowances have been cut it’s time to throw the quilt into the washing machine and then dryer. Once the rag quilt is in the dryer, check and empty the dryer lint catcher often as it’ll fill up. When the rag quilt is all dry, waa laa… you have a beautiful rag quilt that all your family will fight over!

To speed up this project you could make your flannel squares bigger, say 10 or 12 inches and eliminate the batting. I’d still quilt the flannel squares though.

Here’s my list of FREE Rag Quilt Patterns:

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Heather 12.21.08 at 10:59 pm

Thanks for commenting. I plan on making more so I appreciate the tips you have here… wish I could have found you sooner! :) Both quilts turned out cute and my boys love them.

Heathers last blog post..Toasty Toes

RagQuiltCottage 08.10.10 at 7:53 pm

Way to spread the word about joys of rag quilts. I don’t have the time or patience for traditional quilting, but I can knock one of these out in a couple days, without paying someone to machine quilt!

Thanks Heather!

Mary 03.16.11 at 8:36 am

please forward any information as I love to read and try new easy patterns Mary

Verna May 09.13.11 at 3:45 pm

do you have a pattern for a rag quilt bib pattern? Thank you.

Gerri Hollada 03.08.12 at 6:58 pm

Love your website! Plan to use it in a Linky-party on my daughter’s website : I think her followers will appreciate your tutorials and links! Keep spreading the ‘quilting’ word!!!

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