Free Jelly Roll Patterns

by Shelly

Jelly Rolls are a great way to make a fast, fun, and easy strip quilt.  Even beginners can whip out a quilt easily.  Strip quilting is one of my favorite methods of making a quilt.

I like to buy Jelly Rolls online and at quilt shows, although at quilt shows all fabric can be really expensive but lets face it, fabric looks so pretty at a quilt show and it’s very hard to resist.

I like to cut strips of fabric out of small bits of left over fabric.  I have 3 drawers and separate different strip widths so I’m always ready to go.

Here’s a traditional Irish Chain quilt I made from my strip drawer.  I just love scrappy quilts.  The finished quilt here I call my “pride and joy”, it’s by far my favorite quilt, seeing it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  This quilt lives on the back of my couch and my kids are always snuggling with it.  I used flannel on the back, so the quilt is extra warm.

Surprisingly the scrappy Irish Chain quilt above was extremely easy to make.  The pattern is from Blanche Young’s book, Tradition with a Twist, which is one of my MUST have books.  I’ve probably made at least 10 quilts from this book.  Last year I made the mistake of loaning my book to a person I really didn’t know very well and they kept my book!  I ended up picking up another copy.

Here’s a list of free jelly roll patterns.

Here are some more Jelly Roll Patterns, but sadly, they aren’t free.

Here’s a huge selection of quilt shop quality low priced Jelly Rolls.  If you are looking for Jelly Rolls, check out the deals below.

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Linda Collins 12.09.09 at 8:25 pm

Thank you for the free Jelly Roll Patterns

Barbara 01.27.10 at 3:37 pm

Thank you for the free jelly roll patterns. Im always looking for ways to use my stash. And the width drawers is a good idea too.

Danielle 03.10.10 at 4:10 am

HI I wanted to say gorgeous quilt. I was wondering if you had a pattern for the one picture up above cuz I have a new sewing machine and am looking for something fun to sew on it with and that quilt is gorgeous and beautiful. So I was wondering if you had a pattern like you do for the Strip Twist one which is another gorgeous quilt. Well I hope hear back thanks.

cal 03.18.10 at 9:13 pm

Thanks for the this introduction to jelly rolls and the patterns for them. I had just visited Ebay looking for jelly rolls before I happened onto your page!

innerjuju 04.10.10 at 6:50 pm

Thank you so much for the jelly roll quilt patterns. I can only hope that mine turns out a fraction as beautiful as yours. Any chance of repairing the link to the Summer Sleepover Quilt- just the name sounds lovely.

carolyn 05.25.10 at 11:55 pm

thank you so much for the freee pattern of boxed stars..Im making them with a moda jelly roll and it looks
great..and easy ….

Jean Russo 12.18.10 at 10:10 pm

I have a Vine Creek jelly roll. Is there a book that includes a pattern for this jelly roll?

ImperaMagna 01.18.11 at 2:08 pm

I’m sorry your kindly loaned book was not returned but I’ve experienced that myself. I think that the more someone PROMISES to return the book, the less likely it will be that I ever see it again.

Thanks for sharing the jelly roll patterns… I’m getting to love me some jelly rolls!

fran 02.08.11 at 12:41 pm

Nice job, I like the idea of have flannel on the back side. I think thats a great way to make it warm and comfortable, and it feels good close your face when lying down, I to like save my scraps and cut into odd shapes for future projects.

Carol 02.13.11 at 2:52 pm

I bought Moda Hemming House jelly rolls. I cannot find the pattern to make this partifcular jelly roll quilt. How do I go about doing this. ? I know there was a jelly roll book and I requested it at a local quilt shop. They sent me a good quilt book but unfortunately not the one I wanted. Can you or anyone help me?Appreciate any help….Thanks Carol

Heather Craig 02.17.11 at 7:16 pm

Hi I am after a jelly roll pattern for a tote bag – when I click you your link for the ‘free jelly roll patterns’ it just goes to a blank page with an amazon ad in the corner – can you please fix this??? thanks

Marielle 03.05.11 at 10:59 am

I would also like to know how many jelly rolls does it take to make a queen size quilt. I especially like the turquoise colors on sale at ebay but don’t know if I would be overbiding.
Any suggestions??

Simone Richmond 06.04.11 at 8:30 pm

hi im interested in the free pattern strip twist but am from australia and do not mind paying for postage unfortunately i don’t know how to order the quilt pattern from your website can you please advise how i do this thanks

Linda 08.22.11 at 8:41 am

Gorgeous! Love the colors. I’m am in the process of making the same quilt, from the same book, right now.(Using green tones.) Your photo makes me more eager than ever to finish it! P.S. I agree, Tradition With A Twist, is a must have for anyone interested in quilting.

Michelle 01.11.12 at 8:41 am

Thanks for sharing..Beautiful Work!! My girlfriends and I are going to try our first jelly roll quilt next week. Looking forward to having something complete and not another UFO!!

Dona 02.20.13 at 12:59 pm

Could someone tell me on there quilt patterns for Jelly Roll Quilts do they take a Jelly Roll with 30 strips OR 40 strips?

I didnt realize that they make them in both so now Im looking for patterns for couple Jelly Roll quilts in 30 strips?

North Dakota

Dorothy Powell 03.14.13 at 5:52 pm

Your website has me eager to start another quilt.

Lorna McMahon 06.18.13 at 2:39 am

Do you remember the name of the fabric shown in the photo of that Jelly Roll pictured? I have a friend who would love to know. And thank you for making this handy list.


Judy Goldthorp 12.06.13 at 7:33 pm

Thanks so much for the Jelly Roll patterns. I am going to make a quilt for my 7 year old granddaughter out of a polka dot jelly roll. I have some ideas for patterns now.

Carolyn DiPerri 01.01.15 at 8:10 am

Thank you for all the jelly roll patterns. I have been quilting for over 30 years and just bought my first jelly roll. What fun! I can’t wait to try some of the patterns you have listed. I absolutely love the Scrappy Irish Chain quilt you made. Thanks again for the patterns.


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