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by Shelly

The Pottery Barn has some gorgeous toile fabric quilts for sale but they can be expensive. You can make your own Pottery Barn style quilts with some Toile Fabric. The colorful fabric is perfect for children’s and adult bedrooms, Toile Fabric looks great in any room! Toile Fabric makes a rooms come alive. The look is sort of a French Country look. It’s perfect for both casual and and elegant looks. Central Park Toile Fabric is one of my favorites. It can be used for curtains, on headboards, for accent pillows and of course on quilts! Central Park Toile Fabric warms any room with its inviting color.

Quilt Idea Using Central Park Toile Fabric

A quilt Baby Quilt or even a child’s quilt idea would be to make a whole quilt from Toile fabric.  Simply layer the backing, batting and front, pin and machine quilt.  Add the binding and you’d have a fabulous homemade quilt gift in a weekend or less!  If Toile isn’t your thing you could do the exact same thing from a fun juvenile themed fabric too.  If you are worried your machine quilting isn’t good enough for a whole cloth quilt, don’t worry about just choose really busy fabrics and a thread that blends in really well and little mistakes won’t show.

The quilts my kids sleep with every night are whole cloth quilts that I quilted on my Grace Quilt Frame, in just a few hours.  What I love about quilts like this is there isn’t a whole lot of time involved but the kids still feel like they have a special quilt to sleep with and I don’t have to worry about stains or wear and tear on the quilt.  These quilts are the quilts my kids drag around everyday, make blanket forts out of in the living room, and have picnics on in the backyard.

The word “Toile” means cloth. Toile was first made in France in 1760! Central Park Toile Fabric is perfect for decorating.

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